The story of Richard Marshall is characterized by a single theme – a passion for creating the finest hardwood flooring in the world. At Richard Marshall, we design and craft our flooring using techniques that combine old world workmanship with modern innovations. At the core of the beauty of our flooring are the hands of skilled craftsmen. Every plank is touched by expert journeyman, many of whom have come from generations of woodworkers. 

Founder, Richard Hirsch says, “Over 40 years have gone by since I ventured out from my father’s modest but successful flooring store to develop what I believe is the most authentic flooring ever created. Our passion is to capture the craftsmanship of time in each floor we make. To achieve this, we’ve found that no machine or factory or assembly line could ever match the workmanship and artistry of making flooring by hand.” 

Richard Marshall solid hardwood floors are in a class of flooring to itself. From design to installation, no other flooring is more beautiful or more exclusive. Throughout history, handcrafted flooring signified distinction, taste and an appreciation for the artistic impact of fine hardwood floors. In keeping with those traditions, we at Richard Marshall combines years of experience and the use of advances in the tools and techniques of the modern era to create solid hardwood floors unmatched in today’s homes. Through a painstaking 31-step process, we bring you flooring with unparalleled visual beauty. When you combine all the efforts, design and sheer beauty you receive with a Richard Marshall hardwood floor, it is no wonder it is the first choice of the best designers and most discerning homeowners today.

Richard P. Hirsch
Samuel Hirsch

Letter From Our Founder


Welcome to Richard Marshall Fine Flooring, and thank you for taking the time to learn about this family-operated business and review a small sampling of our handcrafted work.


For more than 40 years – since my apprentice days in my father’s modest flooring shop -- I have been working with some of the industry’s most talented designers, skilled woodworkers and acclaimed artisans to create the highest quality custom flooring available for residential and commercial projects throughout the country. 


In 1995, I started Richard Marshall to bring into the broader marketplace these creative skills and rewarding client experiences in providing beautiful flooring that mindfully blends old-world warmth and classic charm with modern comfort and casual elegance. 


The invaluable input of top designers, architects and others with acutely refined taste and historic perspective continues to influence the originality and master craftsmanship of the floors that bear the exclusive Richard Marshall brand. 


Innovation and inspiration have continuously driven us to meet and exceed clients’ expectations, as well as to enhance and perfect the intimately unique process and fine art of custom designed wood flooring. 


For many years, it was standard practice to install unfinished flooring and then meticulously tool, scrape, peg, sand, color, and finish these floors on site. This tradition of job-site finished flooring is how we began Richard Marshall. We discovered, however, while working with aluxury hotel that high-end wood flooring can be finished in our facility prior to installation – eliminating dust, noise, chemical odors and other disruptions that are part of the creative process. 


Since that epiphany, Richard Marshall has gone on to pioneer a new legacy with its custom designed, shop-finished flooring. To date, we can boast millions of square feet of flooring designed and manufactured at our Los Angeles headquarters and expertly installed in homes, hotels and country clubs around the world. 


Now, I am proud to say that a second generation is leading the company, as my son, Sam, helps carry-on a rich family tradition established decades ago. Growing upwith first-hand knowledge of his deep-rooted woodworking heritage, Sam went on to earn an MBA degree from Columbia Business School and then worked for a high profile Wall Street investment banking firm in New York City before joining us as President in 2005. 

Under his thoughtful leadership, Richard Marshall continues to grow its custom hardwood flooring selections, expand its installation and maintenance programs, and further enhance its award-winning customer service programs. 


Richard Marshall stands proudly today as an internationally acclaimed flooring authority. It has been debuting an increasing number of exclusive collections every year, and the company’s future looks brighter than ever before as it continues to forge new partnerships throughout the U.S. and across the globe. 


This proves, once again, that the Richard Marshall hallmarks of elegant beauty and custom craftsmanship have a global and timeless appeal. 

At Richard Marshall, we also recognize our obligation to be good stewards of our planet’s natural resources, and to be a good corporate citizen. As we move into the next century, we will insist on sustainable raw materials and uncompromising crafting by highly skilled and technically trained workers here in the United States. 


Richard Marshall is a company rich in history and tradition that prides itself on providing custom flooring that is guaranteed to grow with your family or business for generations to come.



Warm regards,

Richard P. Hirsch


Founder, Richard Marshall Fine Flooring, Inc.

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