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fine flooring unlike any other

Richard Marshall's tireless commitment to unique design and attention to detail has earned a reputation as the preeminent purveyor of handcrafted flooring. 

Founded in 1995, Richard Marshall is characterized by a single theme – a passion for creating the finest hardwood flooring in the world. We design and craft our flooring using techniques that combine Old World workmanship with modern innovations. 


Throughout history, hardwood flooring has signified distinction, taste and an appreciation for the artistic impact of fine hardwood floors. In keeping with those traditions, we at Richard Marshall combines years of experience and the use of advances in the tools and techniques of the modern era to create hardwood floors unmatched in today’s homes.

Richard Marshall has pioneered a new legacy with its custom designed, shop-finished flooring. To date, we can boast millions of square feet of flooring designed and fabricated at our Los Angeles headquarters and expertly installed in homes, hotels and country clubs around the world.


Our passion is to capture the effects of time and use in each floor we make. To achieve this, we’ve found that no machine or factory or assembly line could ever match the workmanship and artistry of making flooring by hand. Richard Marshall hardwood floors are in a class of flooring by themselves. From design to installation, no other flooring is more beautiful or more exclusive.

Through our detailed process, we bring you flooring with distinct visual beauty that has become the first choice of the best designers, elite general contractors and most discerning homeowners. Our work is our passion and it shows from start to finish...

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