we do the uncommon

The wide range of RM flooring is curated and procured by our expert team. We go to great lengths to discover varieties around the world with unique colors, patterns and textures. It’s undeniable - you can tell the difference. 


The most luxurious flooring, designed for our clients' refined taste and ambitions. The value to the eye is in our execution. Consider our installations functional, walkable art. Our floors take on depth and remarkable character as they age and only get better with time.

attention to detail

Breathtaking and impressive at every transition. The execution and our attention to detail never tires.  Every installation is a celebration of your vision and our execution. The distinctive beauty of RM floors lies in making it unique to you and yours. 

nothing left to chance

Crafted at the Richard Marshall Workshop, every piece is thoughtfully considered and laid down with intent. Our shop-finished flooring eliminates dust, noise, chemical odors on the job site.